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If you are interested in joining the lab, then please familiarize yourself with the research we pursue by exploring our research page and checking out our publications. We are always looking to bring in  students who are enthused about working on our lab’s research questions.  In the lab, we explore the interaction between microorganisms and human influences across several aquatic environments. In each of these systems, we integrate approaches from ecology, molecular and microbiology, and engineering to understand how human activities drive change in microbial communities and their genetic content. A student in our laboratory will gain a multi-disciplinary training in aquatic sciences and conduct research as a member of a multi-disciplinary team. We expect all students to be highly motivated and contribute to the goals of the lab group.

UW-Milwaukee is a fantastic place to conduct aquatic science research! Our Great Lakes Research Facility is situated on the inner harbor of Milwaukee (see map here) giving us direct access to Lake Michigan and several rivers that transect the city. Our newly constructed building is also home to excellent analytical facilities and the Great Lakes Genomics Center, which gives us direct access to the tools we need to interrogate aquatic microbial communities.

Undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows interested in our research should contact Ryan by email at and include the information noted for each.

If Interested in the Lab…


Postdoctoral Applicants

Please submit a CV, a description of your research interests and what research questions you may want to pursue in our lab, and the names and contact information for at least three references.

Graduate Students

Ryan is a student advisor for the graduate program (MS and Ph.D.) in the School of Freshwater Sciences. Please see the School website for details on the admission requirements. Funding to support graduate students is very limited, so please plan ahead to look at graduate fellowship opportunities. I am happy to help you initiate ideas and refine your fellowship application if you are interested. Many fellowships are due in November for the following year, so you must plan well in advance.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. If you are interested in applying for graduate work in our lab, then send me a curriculum vitae and short description of your past research experience and future research goals.


Undergraduate Students

We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate researchers. It is our hope to get students acclimated quickly to lab procedures so that they can both contribute to overall lab goals and work on their own research project. Students that spend more than one semester in the lab are most likely to have the time to develop their own research, so we highly encourage students to apply early in their college career (freshmen and sophomores). During the semester most undergraduates will work in the lab for course credit, but we encourage students that have spent at least a semester with us to stay on and work for pay during the summer. There are many opportunities for internal and national undergraduate research fellowships and we will explore all options for you. Please email me with any questions and we can schedule a time to meet and discuss potential lab involvement and research projects.

Check out UW-Milwaukee Undergraduate Research Home for more information on opportunities and funding.




Fellowship Opportunities

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