Ryan J. Newton, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor

School of Freshwater Sciences

office: GLRF 3041

phone: (414) 382-1777

email: newtonr [at] uwm [dot] edu

Current Lab Members


Jill McClary

M.S. Environmental Engineering & Science at Stanford University

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering & Science at Stanford University


project: urban plume microbial communities & world harbor project

office: GLRF 2065

email: mcclary [at] uwm [dot] edu

Graduate Students

Lou LaMartina

Ph.D. student

project: sewage microbial communities & antibiotic resistance

office: GLRF 2073

email: lamarti3 [at] uwm [dot] edu

Max Spehlmann

M.S. student

project: drinking water age & microbial communities

office: GLRF 2073

email: spehlma2 [at] uwm [dot] edu


BA – Lake Forest College

Undergraduate Students

Wilson Tarpey

Lauren Bonofiglio

project: time-series & plume sampling,

sensor development

office: GLRF 2073

UWM - Biochemistry

projects: sewage microorganisms

office: GLRF 2073

UWM - Biological Sciences

Abraham Gonzalez

projects: plume study - microbial particle association

office: GLRF 2073

UWM - Biological Sciences 

Visiting Scholars

Kazuaki Matsui, Ph.D. 

Kindai University, Osaka Japan

Civil & Environmental Engineering


office: GLRF 2065

email: matsui [at] uwm [dot] edu

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