Lab Alumni

Graduate students

Natalie Gayner

M.S. in 2018

project: contaminated groundwater metagenomes

current position: Scientist at LanzaTech Inc.  

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Ryan Bartelme

Ph.D. in 2018

project: aquaculture microbial communities

current position: Postdoc University of Arizona, Carini Laboratory


Undergraduate students

Julia Zimmer

Undergraduate Researcher

Lab Research Technician

2016 - 2017

project: fish gut microbiomes &

           lab guru

Current Position: Graduate student University of Minnesota-Duluth

Katie Alexander

Undergraduate Researcher

Lab Research Technician

2017 - 2019

projects: fish gut microbiota, culturing

            freshwater microbes, all

            things sampling & lab guru

Current Position: Intern at American Conservation Experience 

Matt Sanville


Undergraduate Researcher

2017 - 2018

project: developing a Lake Michigan specific culture medium

Ariel Franitza

Undergraduate Researcher


projects: groundwater & flavobacterium

Carthage College - Biology

Talia Whitmore


Undergraduate Researcher


project: Plume study - cell counts

Visiting Scholars

Patrick McNamara


Associate Professor

Marquette University

Civil & Environmental Engineering



project: sabbatical, microbial community analysis