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The Newton Lab has two new publications! Ryan Bartelme published the first part of his dissertation work on the microbial community structure in a mature freshwater recirculating aquaculture biofilter. His paper describes how operational conditions related to fish rearing impact the bacterial community in the biofilter. He also put together some excellent work related to the nitrifying assemblage in this biofilter. He found the nitrifying community was rather stable over time, but was much more diverse than we had anticipated. The dominant nitrifying assemblage consisted of ammonia-oxidzing Archaea, nitrite-oxidzing Nitrospira, and Comammox Nitrospira. There is certainly much more to explore - congrats Ryan! See Ryan's publication here.

Recently I was also privileged to work on a project with my former lab mate and good friend Ashley Shade. The work originated at the SAME14 conference in Uppsala. It had been far too long since we had worked on something together! Happily this work resulted in a nice perspective and analysis piece on the interaction between rarity and bacterial lifestyle characteristics. Check out our paper in Aquatic Microbial Ecology Ashley has some great work going on at Michigan State - check it out!

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