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Recruiting Graduate Student for January 2024

The Newton research group ( at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the School of Freshwater Sciences is looking for a graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D.) to conduct research in genomic technologies and aquatic microbiology. The anticipated start date is January 2024.

The graduate student’s specific focus will be to develop DNA sequencing technologies with the Oxford Nanopore platform to and identify track microbes associated with specific source environments in a mixed microbiome context. This work will contribute to ongoing efforts to track water pollution and more generally the movement of microbes between aquatic systems.

More generally, in the Newton Lab group, we study the intersection of urban water systems and natural aquatic systems via the microorganisms that connect these systems. This includes developing technologies to track microbes as they move from one water source into another, understanding the dynamics of microbes in sewer systems, and exploring the genomic basis for differences in the distribution and activity of microbes in natural waters like the Laurentian Great Lakes as compared to urban water infrastructure.

Please contact me with questions or your interest in applying to the School of Freshwater Sciences. Please send a CV and a short statement of interest in this position. Graduate school applications for January (Spring 2024 semester) are due by October 1, 2023 to UWM.

Contact Information:

Ryan Newton

Assistant Professor


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