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1, 2, skip a few...2022

I suppose it has been a bit since we, cough cough, I last posted updates about lab activities, so let's catch up in a flash. Ryan B. and Natalie G. both graduated & are off doing bigger things! Sabbatical Prof Patrick M. from Marquette joined us for the spring of 2019, much Big10 football talk ensued. Postdoc Jill M. did too many great things to list here - more pubs coming soon. Then, sabbatical Prof Kazuaki M. from Osaka, Japan joined us in the fall of 2019. We continue to collaborate on projects he started. We had a great time at ASM 2019 and MEWE 2019 - a lot of great science from the lab was presented! Superstar undergrads Katie A. & Wilson T. graduated. Max S. joined the lab and started a drinking water age - microbe project. A new lab logo was created - by the great Jessie G. Then a global pandemic started and is ongoing - no big deal. The lab shutdown and re-opened - the world changed. Max S. graduated. And, we published some nice science - see our publication page. I may have missed a few details along the way.

As fall 2022 is upon us, Lou L. continues her great sewage microbial community work and current undergrads Garrett S. & Erika S. are making progress on culturing flavobacteria and standardizing source tracking assays. Those of you at ISME18 - hope to see you there!

I will do my best to keep this site more updated & look for more great work from Lou L. coming soon.

cheers - Ryan


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